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reinvent the posing puppet in the 3d printer age

i have always thought the traditional wooden posing puppets was a great idea, even with its little elegance and limited stiff posing capabilities.

To explore movement and anatomy it is superior quicker and more accessible then its digital and more complicated to use modern evolution.

To reinvent the anatomy posing puppet I used a 3D printer (MakerBot) and OpenScad to implement a parametric model that is fully customizable in size and proportion and printable in many colors.

The joints and pieces are assembled without glue or screws and the freedom of movement is far larger then its traditional older brother which allows an infinite variety of movements.

more features:

  • very light
  • Material PLA (Durable)
  • 26 Pieces
  • Clickassembly (no glue no screws)

more to come soon ...


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