A Manga Comic Story in Progress

you can follow the creation of a manga comic in real time here PouletCombo and you will get to see early sketches and ideas and special art and some doodles. you will also witness the changes and redirections in the story telling more or less in real time. for the real manga fan or comic artist creation is the ultimate story.

again, to reach the manga work in progress http://www.monotoons.com/pouletcombo.html

The Story

Can we escape the circle of life and the universe by combining all technologies ever invented by mankind? and how do you acquire all these technologies? how to steal a singularity, become friend with the most advanced battlerobot, and control nanorobots? Follow the smart hero on he's quest to at least escape a normal boring life ...


This is a 100% digital manga, no paper just data. I use wacom tablets with a self made drawing software that is perfectly tailored to my personal needs.


What is it with the blue? well blue is just part of my work, i like blue, it is different and more lively choice of color. I think it gives the art extra personality and it gives the characters and the story some extra power.


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